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Food Grade Yeast

Our food grade yeast - whole distiller's yeast with a mild overall flavor profile is a superior alternative to brewers yeast, and is used to enhance the flavor characteristics in a variety of food applications.

Grain Distiller's Dried Yeast 62-F

Our Grain Distiller's Food Grade Dried Yeast 62-F's consistency, light color and mild flavor will open new doors in your product development work. A whole distiller's yeast with a mild, meaty, non-bitter flavor profile, Grain Distiller's Dried Yeast 62-F will fit in new or traditional applications where other distiller's yeasts or more costly bakers and brewers yeasts products have failed.

From batters and breadings to sauces, gravies and even low fat flavor systems, our distiller's Food Grade Dried Yeast 62-F can provide overall enhancement, depth of character and improved mouthfeel to finished products.

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