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FeedPacific Ag Products is the grain and feed marketing arm of Pacific Ethanol. Pacific Ag is responsible for marketing all wet distillers grain (WDG) produced by the Pacific Ethanol biorefineries. In the ethanol production process, after a grain's starch is converted to ethanol through fermentation, the remaining nutrients – including proteins, fats, fiber, minerals and vitamins – are concentrated into WDG, a medium-protein feed for dairy and beef cattle. Its high-digestibility and energy content yields greater milk production and better feed conversions than other alternative feeds.

Most distillers grains are produced in the Midwest where producers dry the grains for shipping. Typically, dried distillers grains, or DDG, have a lower nutritional content than WDG. Pacific Ethanol is uniquely able to provide dairies and feedlots with WDG because of our central locations in the heart of the livestock industry, where there are more than enough livestock in a 50-mile radius to consume all the WDG we can produce. The nutrient content of our WDG is predictable and consistent. This is particularly important for livestock and dairy producers, where a subtle difference in the makeup of key feed ingredients can significantly affect production.