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Aventine Yeast ™

Aventine Yeast™ has been a leader in distillers yeast over 20 years  Our mission is to provide our customers a quality product at a competitive cost.The company operates its Pekin, IL wet mill 365 days a year to extract value-added products from Aventine's corn wet milling and fermentation process. Our distiller's yeasts, a superior alternative to "brewer's yeast," are Kosher and Chametz-free certified. Our yeast supply is always reliable in qualtiy and delivery. 

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Aventine Yeast is produced from a continuous beer fermentation process, producing more than two million gallons of beer per day. This process uses a corn starch media and brewer's yeast of the Saccharomyces cerviseae classification. Our plant microbiologists closely monitor the fermentation process to ensure clean, healthy fermentation without the use of antibiotics. The beer and distiller's yeast stream is transported via pipeline directly to our distiller's yeast plant. The distiller's yeast is removed from the beer stream and immediately processed into a growing variety of products for use in animal, pet and human food, and fermentation applications.

The Aventine Yeast™ Advantage 

  • New, world-scale distiller's yeast plant
  • State-of-the-art food grade plant design
  • AIB inspected facility - superior rating
  • Kosher and Chametz-free certified
  • Consistent supply and quality
    • No more seasonality of distiller's yeast supply
    • Continuous beer fermentation process
    • No antibiotics
    • Immediate processing of distiller's yeast

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AIB International Certificate

Sales - Terms and Conditions

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